Adult Basic Education and Training


With an estimated 3.3 million illiterate adults, this website aims to provide information on ABET in South Africa – information for people wanting to become involved in ABET either as learners or educators. ABET is aimed at addressing the illiteracy rate in South Africa by providing links to the network of resources that are available for addressing this problem. It is of value to adults looking for organisations that can help them to improve their literacy. It is also valuable to individuals wanting to assist others who need to become literate. Companies are increasingly wanting to improve the literacy of their workforce. In addition, ABET has a very popular section on adult matric – information on what is required, rewriting matric and organisations that can assist with schooling both on a distance learning basis and physical classes. Currently, the site:

  • Has over 11,000 visitors to the website per month (average for 2019)
  • Achieves over 30,000 page impressions/views on the website per month (average for 2019)
  • Is 1st on and for the search term “abet”. Both are first page positions.(December 2019)
  • Has over 25 pages of content


AudienceAdults who require literacy training and persons wanting to assist said adults, companies wanting to introduce ABET training for their employees, people wanting to offer ABET training courses or wanting to start an ABET/FET training centre, adults wanting to complete matric and matriculants looking for further information.
CountriesIn 2017, the 5 main countries from which our visitors came are: South Africa, United States,Great Britain, Norway and Indonesia. By far, the most visitors come from South Africa
Recommended advertisersPerfect for organisations wishing to target adults wanting to improve their literacy skills, matriculants or would-be matriculants and training companies offering ABET courses, matric rewrites, or schooling for adults.
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