Why advertise on Best of Travel?

Imagine a cold, rainy Sunday afternoon. Imagine planning a trip to an exotic location, one that has been on your bucket list since you first realized that bucket lists existed. BestofTravel feeds your  dreams of travel. Whether you are an armchair traveller looking to while away the time or are an active traveller, planning to go on the adventure of a lifetime, BestofTravel has gathered the best of the best all in one place for you to explore at your leisure.

If your advertising aim is to reach people who have a desire to travel, then this is the best place to advertise. Whether you offer services or products for the traveller, this site attracts a myriad of different people from all over the globe.

You can choose a banner advertisement on the website. We also offer advertorials. If you have any special advertising requirements or ideas of your own, contact us at chris@ireality.co.za and we’ll talk!

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Per month price and excluding VAT of 15%.
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Per month price and excluding VAT of 15%.
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Per month price and excluding VAT of 15%.

Premium pages  are the 3 most popular pages after the Home page. Our current premier pages are:


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