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Why advertise on LearntheNet?

Everyone at some stage needs a reference to the internet and how to use it. This beginner’s guide is suitable for advertisers who wish to target any user of the internet and would be suitable for providers of training courses, internet-related apps and tools, internet services and internet support.

You can choose a banner advertisement on the website. We also offer advertorials. If you have any special advertising requirements or ideas of your own, contact us at chris@ireality.co.za and we’ll talk!

Home page
Per month price and excluding VAT of 15%.
Premium Pages
Per month price and excluding VAT of 15%.
Other pages
Per month price and excluding VAT of 15%.


  • The premium pages are the 3 most popular page after the Home page. Our current premier pages are:
  1. How did the internet start?
  2. Defining the Internet
  3. Along came the world wide web
  • The advertisement is of the size 125px x 125px.
  • Other advertisement sizes can be negotiated. Please contact us.
  • The minimum contract period is 3 months.
  • Follow these links for more information and terms and conditions.


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