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Why advertise on CareersWithoutMatric?

If you need to reach the wider adult community who have not been able to complete their matric, or who wish to rewrite it, , then CareersWithoutMatric is the perfect marketing channel for you. As the website offers advice on further skills training , entrepreneurship and further education, advertisers who have products related to these offerings will find that CareersWithoutMatric provides national exposure to a highly targeted audience at an affordable price.

You can choose a banner advertisement on the website. We also offer advertorials. If you have any special advertising requirements or ideas of your own, contact us at and we’ll talk!

Home page
Per month price and excluding VAT of 15%.
Premium pages
Per month price and excluding VAT of 15%.
Other pages
Per month price and excluding VAT of 15%.


  • Premium pages  are the 3 most popular pages after the Home page. Our current premier pages are:
  1. Learnerships
  2. Rewriting matric
  3. Skills Training
  • The advertisement is of the size 125px x 125px.
  • Other advertisement sizes can be negotiated. Please contact us.
  • The minimum contract period is 3 months.
  • More information and terms and conditions can be viewed here…


Statistics are given below:

Reported periodJan 2020 - July 2020  
Unique visitorsNumber of visitsPagesDaily average visits

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