Pricing for advertising on the various websites can be found on the following pages…


Above the line and below the line

Clearly ads that appear in the top part of a web page are more likely to be seen than those appearing lower down. In this context, reference is commonly made to above the line and below the line (and has nothing to do with advertising context within which these terms are commonly used), where the ‘line’ is the bottom of a standard 15” LCD screen on a 1024 x768 resolution. Essentially, above the line will equate to the equivalent of three standard ads one above the other. Advertising is placed preferably above the line where possible, but we work on a first-come, first-served basis.


Place an editorial one of Interactive Reality’s web sites and provide readers with an in-depth discussion of your product. Or perhaps you want to promote a special event such as a workshop, conference or information day? Advertorials will only be accepted on a page where they have relevance (or meaning) in terms of the content already contained on that page. No advertorials will be accepted on any Home Page.

How it works is that on a web page where a particular topic is discussed, a link will be included within the text discussion referring to your product or service (for example, “Click here to learn more about Product XYZ”). This link will lead to a separate web page where your product is discussed in an editorial style (you will have the possibility of including a banner ad to your web site on this page as part of the cost).

This is a very powerful way of advertising your product as it comes across as a more subtle, third-party evaluation/discussion of your product and appears more objective and convincing than standard advertising. In a sense you will have your own web page within the website and you can even carry additional links to your own website, supporting articles or similar resources about your product/service.

Obviously, Interactive Reality reserves the right not to carry such advertorial if we feel uncomfortable with the product or service being advertised. We will also require you to provide us with existing information about the product or service, or a sample thereof. Advertorial pages will be clearly marked as “Advertorial”.

Price: Considering the effort involved in developing such advertorials, we will require you to commit to at least three months of advertorial advertising. The cost is R800/month (ex VAT). We will be prepared to offer you a discount if you choose to advertise for a longer period of time.

Creation of the banner ad

The design and creation of the banner ad is the responsibility of the customer. If required, however, a banner ad can be created on the customer’s behalf for an additional fee. Let us know what you need and we will give you a quote.

File formats

All banner adverts must be provided either in *.gif or *.jpg format. Animated Gifs are acceptable, but if the animation is particularly distracting, we reserve the right to either refuse the ad or ask you to change it (no penalty will be applied if you then choose not to go ahead with the banner advert). Animations should be 5 seconds or less (5 frames maximum).

Don’t forget to provide us with the URL (web address) or email address to which your banner advert must link.

Duration of insertion

The minimum period for a banner advert insertion is three months for both the website and for advertorials.

Monthly report

You will be provided with a monthly report on the status of your advertisement with raw statistics obtained from the server.

Terms of payment

All payments must be in advance. No adverts will be placed without prepayment. Proof of bank transfer or EFT payment should be emailed to  We do not accept part payments.

Positioning of advert

The adverts will be placed on a first-come, first-served basis. The final positioning of advertisements on the website, shall be entirely at the discretion of Interactive Reality cc. Nevertheless, attempts will be made to provide the most suitable position for the advertisement.

Website deadline

If you want the banner advert/advertorial/sponsored text link to appear on the website on a specific date, we require a final copy of the content at least 3 days prior to this date. Please submit the advertising material to


If you would like to discuss these rates or any other aspect of advertising on any of Interactive Reality’s websites or newsletters, then please contact us by email at: We are happy to discuss your needs and to help provide you with a suitable solution.

Please make sure to read our terms and conditions.